How to score

Want a high score?

Sometimes it is nice to create a meandering crickle, or one that tells a story. Other times it is all about the points!

It is a timing thing
To score highly at Crickle, watch the clock. If you place and submit a word in the first 20 seconds, you will receive 20 time points. If it takes between 20 and 30 seconds to place the word, you will only receive 7 timing points. A big drop! Take between 30 and 40 seconds, and you receive 6 timing points and so on… the time points decline the longer you take. If you take over 2 minutes you score 0 time points.

It is the same scoring system for all games – Fun, Challenge and Custom games.

Letter value and word length
Points are also awarded according to the face value of the letters (these are shown on the tiles) and the length of the word. A four letter word earns 2 points; if you manage to place a 12 letter word, you will receive 20 points.

Floats and boats
Floats and boats are valueless and should be looked upon as an opportunity and constraint of the game.

What if you find timed games stressful? Buy Crickle at the extremely affordable price for which it is available and try a custom game where you can turn the timing on and off. Endless fun, great value.