Word wallowing

Like the welcome at the Oxford City College library? Some students enjoy adding to this in-progress game of Scrabble each time they pass.

We hear the ‘in word’ in the workplace in 2018 will be Cascade:
“So thank you for listening to my dreary ramble about the demise of the department. I’d be grateful if you would cascade the important bits to your team…”. That kind of thing!

Can you beat Hornet?
Check out the Crickle Challenge leaderboard. We thought Katie Hornet might be untouchable but Sarak K is closing in. Well done these two players – you are both incredible!

Got a good name for the 9/4/2/3 game?
We’re on a mission to name a popular Custom game. It has:
– 9 letters in rack
– 4 minimum required in word
– 2 boats required each row
– 3 floats allowed each row
Please send suggestions to We haven’t found the right name yet.