Great crickles

Here are some of the crickles players have posted. Share your games on our Twitter page or Facebook group and you could see your crickles featured.

  • Cocktails, tigers and feasting on the Bund
    Shanghai 1930
  • Anon, Edinburgh
    Got a bumpy road theme to this one.
  • Crickle Wordgame
    Dracula wanted change
    Ate fish! Got fever. Disguise slipped. Terrified hotelier shot at him - BANG! Dracula sneered at sunny hotel and Riveira, returning gladly to plush quarters in dark castle and his old diet ...
  • Challenge Board Lead 24 Feb
    Impressive work Katie Hornet
    As at 24 Feb, Katie has deposed Rocket Man and is the Challenge Board lead. Great Crickle!
  • Brideshead Boating Party
    Very Brideshead
    Generated in Oxford, in late summer sun, it reminds us of a last-century boating party. With Oxford University Press soon to publish Waugh's collected works it's time for another bout of "Brideshead Revisited".
  • Pepys at work
    Pepys at work 12 September 2017
    Pepys presses Hornet on the Challenge Leaderboard on 12 September
  • Brexit Crickle
    A Brexit Crickle
    A winter dominated by Remainers and Outers. Multi-session meetings which break only for meals.