Brexit Crickle

What’s new?

We have some Great Crickles being produced including this quirky Brexit Crickle with its tale of remainers, outers, and long negotiations all winter punctuated only by meals. Send your crickles to and find them on the Great Crickles page of this site.

Can you beat Hornet?
There have been a few challengers. A number of attempts. Katie Hornet tells us she’s not even nervous however and expects to end the month still leading on the Challenge Leader Board! Prove her wrong?

What should we call the 9/4/2/3 game?
We’re on a mission to name a popular Custom game. It has:
– 9 letters in rack
– 4 minimum required in word
– 2 boats required each row
– 3 floats allowed each row
Please send suggestions to