Crickle app at Amazon

Crickle a winner at Amazon

Crickle is thrilled to be chosen for Amazon’s “Wall of Winners” – part of the Amazon focus on UK app development.  To see all 24 winners: View the “Wall of Winners”  

Victorian seeking Cryptic Crossword

Answers on the Ides

Maya has developed a second cryptic crossword on the Crickle theme. Access it on the link below. Answers were posted on the Ides but they are behind a link so as not to tempt you. New to cryptic crosswords? See the victorian ladies (on the News page of this site) for an article on how they work and how to …

Crickle Breeze

Tried Crickle Breeze?

Crickle Breeze is a lively, rapid game. Just ten rows long,  you get three floats each row. Browser based, it is mouse driven and configured for play on PCs or Macs. You can play it for free at UK games portal Top score on the leaderboard is currently 395 (as at Sunday 26 Feb, 7pm)

Welcome to Crickle

Crickle live in app stores

Welcome. A great pleasure to be writing for new players. The Crickle team hopes you will enjoy many happy hours playing Crickle and we are so excited to be sharing the game with you. Most exciting of all is the knowledge that we shall – we hope – soon be hearing from new players as to which games you prefer. …

A themed crickle - bumpy road

Themed crickles are curious

Is your crickle themed? This weekend we’re rather taken with the ‘bumpy road’ crickle that has been sent in by our annoymous friend in Edinburgh. (He’s visible to the Crickle team, but he’s shy… and it’s cute.) We like the travel sweets invoked half way through and with thoughts of old classics like ‘The 39 Steps’ – and not with …

Faraday Wharf

Crickle origins

It’s a middling, grey day here in Oxford where Crickle was invented and is head quartered. Greyish, coldish.. early Februaryish… Things are much the same in Birmingham where Crickle was made by Sync Interactive at Faraday Wharf, next to the canal. (Photo from stock!)