A themed crickle - bumpy road

Themed crickles are curious

Is your crickle themed? This weekend we’re rather taken with the ‘bumpy road’ crickle that has been sent in by our annoymous friend in Edinburgh. (He’s visible to the Crickle team, but he’s shy… and it’s cute.) We like the travel sweets invoked half way through and with thoughts of old classics like ‘The 39 Steps’ – and not with thoughts about T2 – we all wish we were touring the Highlands.

Check out his game board at no. 5 on Great Crickles.

So here is the call to new players: is your crickle themed? Please send us any so-styled and we’ll put them on the Great Crickles board. Fun, Challenge or a custom game – as he has used – are all welcome. Our email is hello@crickle.com.