Welcome to Crickle

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Welcome. A great pleasure to be writing for new players. The Crickle team hopes you will enjoy many happy hours playing Crickle and we are so excited to be sharing the game with you. Most exciting of all is the knowledge that we shall – we hope – soon be hearing from new players as to which games you prefer. We’ve got a range of preferences among the pre-launch team. One of the configured games is presently the lead favourite but there are cricklers fiercely loyal to Challenge.

A public thank you to all who have worked on the development Mark H, Steve, Abs, Remi, Yasmin and helped, thank you Diana, Paul, David, Michael, Mark B, Roberta, Yorick, Katrina, Brian, Jane, Fiona M, Fiona R, Sarah R, Sarah M, Oonagh, Josh, Liz T, Jackie, Barbara, Francis and the New Zealand team : Liz, Charles, Simon G, Ursula, Pat, Peter, Simon C, George, Emma, Emmily, Robert, Marion, Clare, Ken, Rebecca, Ian, Mary, Steven, Jack, William, Harry, Elliot, Brittany, Jilly, Matt, Daniel, Edward, Anne, Pip, and Rose. Thanks!