Johanna Konta enjoys word games

Backing word games enthusiast Konta

Great to learn that British Wimbledon hopeful, Johanna Konta, uses word games to focus her mind. She and her team play Banagrams to ‘get in zone’. Crickle sends her the best words we can conjure on this occasion: Very Best of Luck!

Numberdrop - Maths game

Try Numberdrop

Although we’re word game devotees at Crickle, we’ve currently got a thing about Numberdrop. It turns out ‘the right number’ can be as satisfying as ‘the right letter’. A really smart and compelling game from Rosenburger Games, Numberdrop is the ‘maths workout’ to complement your ‘word workout’ on Crickle. Download from the Google Playstore or from the apple store to …


A wordy welcome

Out in the world Oxford City College library used to have a Scrabble board when you went in the door, but they have discontinued the ‘wordy welcome’ because some students allegedly put up rude words. A move showing appropriate sensitivity or sadly snowflakey… what’s your view? (Tell us at On the site Please send some more Great Crickles. (Take …


Word wallowing

Like the welcome at the Oxford City College library? Some students enjoy adding to this in-progress game of Scrabble each time they pass. We hear the ‘in word’ in the workplace in 2018 will be Cascade: “So thank you for listening to my dreary ramble about the demise of the department. I’d be grateful if you would cascade the important …

Crickle custom game

And you three?

Our favourite game is a custom game – 8 in rack, 2 minimum in word, 1 boat and 4 floats.

cryptic crossword

Hey, it is May. Time for a challenge…

All who enjoy cryptic crosswords, will welcome our May challenge. It’s here. Thank you Maya. New to cyptic crosswords and the Crickle site? See the article with the Victorian ladies in the News section; it explains how to do them..